Nowhere else will you find a partnership that meets the challenge of offering great quality, competitive pricing, unbeatable service and unparalleled styling.

Great Quality
Quality is the #1 factor. Our on-site quality control specialist checks that manufacturing meets our exact standards. This keeps our furniture at a high quality level.

Unparalleled Styling
Our designs promote comfort and elegance. Our research and development team is always in tune with the styles of the industry. Our customers can always depend on us for classic styling, as well as the latest styles.

Competitive Prices
You will receive better values at Crown Mark. When comparing quality items, you will find Crown Mark often beats competitor's prices.

We can provide lower prices because: we arrange our manufacturing directly, we deal in larger volumes, we have effective management and a high level of employee experience.

Unbeatable Service
Our Strategy is to build a successful partnership with you.

Let us be your warehouse. Most orders are shipped from our warehouse within 24 hours. Our fast response enables you to quickly fill your customer's requirements, thus greatly reducing your need for warehousing. This puts money in your pocket, rather than in your inventory.

Along with prompt service, we ship our orders with the best trucking companies that offer the most competitive freight rates. We have a knowledgeable import department to assist participants in our direct container program for large orders.

Solid Company
Started in 1983, our company has been growing ever since.

We are very proud that many of our employees, as well as customers, have been with us for over ten years. This high retention of employees and customers reflect the success of our partnership approach to doing business.

Our strong financial condition allows us to maintain a large depth of inventory items. This means that you can feel comfortable about getting the items you want quickly from our warehouse. Besides our main office with a 400,000 square foot warehouse in Houston, TX, our distribution centers in Fontana, CA, and High Point, NC, we also maintain show spaces in Tupelo, MS, High Point, NC, Las Vegas, NV, and Long Beach, CA.

Sign Up Today
You can start doing business with as little as a $1,000 order and a valid resale tax permit. Just refer to the Policy Section and call our Customer Representatives. You'll be on the road to low price on quality household furniture. Welcome aboard.